These are the essential core doctrines to Christian faith and practice that Inverse Ministries follow. May God's Word be our teacher over any man.


I. There is One God, His Name is Yahweh

God is Triune, existing eternally as one God in three Persons: the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, all referred to as male.
God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient.
God is perfect in goodness, righteousness, justice, wrath, wisdom, mercy, grace, and love.
God is without restraint or limitation in regards to time, force, action, space, or matter.
God is the only true God; no other god or otherwise divine being exists.


II. The Bible is God's Perfect Word

The Bible is inerrant in all its original manuscripts.
The Bible is infallible in all its parts, and as a whole.
The Bible is plenary in its 66 books, missing no portion, nor having any unnecessary portion.
The Bible is sufficient to achieve its purposes for faith and godliness in every time and every culture.
The Bible is perspicuous, having one true meaning, knowable by any man through proper historical-grammatical context.


III. Man is Inherently Sinful

We are made in the image of God which is obscured through the stain of sin.
We are sinful from the moment of conception, when we are fully human with a human soul.
We are spiritually dead--unable to achieve any spiritual good--until regenerated by the Holy Spirit.
We are under penalty of moral law and deserve divine moral justice, namely physical and spiritual death.
We are unable to save ourselves by any means or merit or motive.


IV. Jesus Christ is the Only Savior

Jesus was born of a virgin, conceived of the Holy Spirit, 100% man, 100% God, unstained by man's sin.
Jesus lived a perfectly righteous life, being tempted in every way and overcoming every time.
Jesus was physically killed, physically resurrected, and ascended into heaven.
Jesus died an undeserved death, taking the place of any who surrender their lives to him in faith.
Jesus is the only way of salvation, by paying the penalty for man--not just removing it from him.


V. We are Saved by Grace Through Faith Unto Righteousness

Saving faith is not earned or deserved by any man, but freely offered by God's grace.
Saving faith is produced by the work of the Holy Spirit in the soul of the man.
Saving faith is an inherent trust in the character of God as described in His Word.
Saving faith is manifested and witnessed in repentance, belief, and good works.
Saving faith is indestructible, never failing, and cannot be lost, abandoned, or taken away.


VI. Heaven and Hell are true, eternal destinations

All who repent of their sins and place their trust in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will not perish but have everlasting life in heaven.
All who do not repent of their sins or who reject Jesus as Lord and Savior are condemned to eternal punishment in hell.
The human soul is immediately in heaven or hell after physical death, with no alternative destination.
There is no transfer of residence from hell to heaven or heaven to hell ever, at any time.
Heaven, earth, and hell will each receive a new final form wherein human souls will dwell for eternity.


VII. Christ Will Come Again

Christ currently sits at the right hand of God, alive and active in the world through the activity of the Holy Spirit. 
Christ will return in physical form as before to claim the earth with judgement.
All persons who have ever lived will be resurrected with true, indestructible, physical bodies, like Christ.
Those who had true saving faith will live on a new heaven and new earth with God.
Those who did not have true saving faith will be cast into Hell--the lake of fire--with Satan and his minions forever.


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