I.  Evolution and the Bible (Genesis 1)

II.  The Age of the Earth (Genesis 1)

III.  Astronomy, Dinosaurs, and the Image of God (Genesis 1)

IV.  Man and Woman (Genesis 2)

V.  The Fall of Man (Genesis 3-4)

VI.  The Flood (Genesis 5-9)

VII.  The Tower of Babel (Genesis 10)

VIII.  The Call of Abram (Genesis 12-16)

VIIII.  Circumcision, Sodom & Gomorrah (Genesis 17-19)

X.  The Completion of Abraham's Faith (Genesis 20-22a)

XI.  The End of Abraham (Genesis 22b-25a)

XII.  The Beginning of Jacob (no recording available; Genesis 25b-28)

XIII.  The Origin of Jacob's Sons (Genesis 29-30)

XIV.  Jacob Wrestles with God (Genesis 31-33)

XV.  From Jacob to Israel (no recording available; Genesis 34-36)

XVI.  Joseph the Dreamer (Genesis 37-41)

XVII.  God the Sovereign (Genesis 42-50)