I.  Introduction

                A.  Faith Amidst Defilement (1:1-21)

II.  The Chronicles of Babylon

                A.  The Statue and the Stone (2:1-49)

                                B.  The Point at Which You Bow (3:1-30)

                                                C.  The Sermon of a Pagan King (4:1-37)

                                        D.  The Writing on the Wall (5:1-31)

                 E.  The Den of Lions (6:1-28)

                                F.  The Fifth Kingdom and the Final King (7:1-28)

III.  Visions for Israel

                A.  Antiochus and Antichrist (8:1-27)

                B.  Seventy Weeks of Years (9:1-27)

      C.  The Final Vision (10:1-12:13)               

 1) The Prophet and the Princes (10:1-21)

                                2) The History of the Prophecy (11:1-35)

                                3) The Future of the Fulfillment (11:36-12:13)