Opinions on church abound: what we like, what we don't like. Yet whose opinion matters, and whose opinion wins?
In Revelation 2-3, the apostle John is given a startling visit from Jesus who remarks on seven different churches. It turns out the Lord Himself has opinions too. He commends, He criticizes, and He calls. And His words are not merely for discussion; they are to distinguish which churches belong to Him and which ones do not.
This year's Second Nature Conference will be an honest look at that defining question, "What is Jesus' opinion about our church?" We will discuss how we, as local congregations, are called to celebrate where we're blessed, to repent where we are wrong, and to continually remember the promises for those who turn to Him. We, as God's people, have not been left to be defeated; we have been called to conquer. May God bless us this year as our churches build to glorify Him whose opinion is all that matters.

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September 7-9, 2018

Pali Retreat Center
30778 Highway 18
Running Springs, CA 92382